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lcd question

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for example i have a "HELLO" word diplayed on an lcd with a pic16f84 and i want to put a blinking cursor on the letter "H" how do i do it. i have read most of the lcd faq and guides but can seem to find anything that expalins how to do it

thanx much


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First, you have to enable the blinking cursor by writing 0Fh to the IR register. Then move the cursor by writing to the DD RAM address. The DD RAM address counter is accessed by writing 80h+cursor_pos to the IR register.


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As you know, you set "parameters" according to what you want to instruct the LCD to do. You can send the LCD either Commands or Characteres. You do that by switching RS. RS of 0 will allow you to send comands, so what ever is on your data pins will be interpreted as commands. Then look at this table enabling or disabling the bits on the D7-D0 will allow you certain things:

For more information go to LCD Commands

Hope it helps you



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