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LCD Hour Meter - Digital output

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I'm developing an invention and have no expertise in electronics. I've been searching for an DC hour meter (Hobbs meter) that will export the LCD reading digitally as well as visually. It seems that all of the major manufacturers of hour meters only produce one that is visually read. Is this a difficult project? I'd like to be able to insert a flash drive and collect the meter reading. Anyone ever heard of such an animal?


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It amazes me that you want to do a complex project like that with no experience in electronics.

Forget it ! learn the basics first !

Some electro mechanical hourmeters will have an impulse available, or it needs to be accessed where the stepper motor or solenoid drives the register.

The Hobbs hour meters usually impulse every 3.6 seconds or 1000 impulses equal 1 hour (3600 secs).

Count these pulses to obtain you time reading as a starter.

Good luck.
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