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LCD Grab...

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Maplin (UK) is not what it was for electronic 'makers' , but I had a look round anyway, came across a grab bag of displays (Kemo brand S043 ) , for 4.99 .. so I grabbed it , Nice graphic lcd , with bl , a 3 digit SS, raw lcd , also had 12 symbols , mA, degree C, arrows, flame , no flame , etc.( so 4 digit + back plane ?, 18 pins ) + bl. Bag also had interesting 6 led circle. and a few SS leds, 10 in all. disp01.jpg
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dr pepper

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I got one a year back, there wasnt lcd's like yours in it.
Wasnt what I expected, there was a 2x16 hitachi type display in there, or so it looked, when I got it connected up it turned out the 2nd line was actually just symbols.
I did get a couple of interesting 10 segment led bargraphs though.
The kemo bag of trimmer caps is good quality and value, if you use that kinda thing.
Maplin has had to adapt to a word where there are ferwer and fewer playing with electronics.
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