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LCD display controller

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Heyy all!
Was wondering if anyone had any tutorials or could help me to make the following:

I want to be able to connect a LCD display (i.e 2 line display) to a computer (using serial?) and write a piece of software to be able to control what is displayed on the LCD panel.

I have basic electronic knowladge, just need pointers as i couldnt find a tutorial myself. Thanks All.



The problem is the LCD is parallel and serial is well... serial, so you need something to translate the data for you, a small micro controller would work. Do a search for linux LCD modules you should find better results that way as people have connected these types of LCD's to linux modules many times.


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if you just want to be able to view 'stuff' from your PC on a separate LCD, without a huge amount of effort (as a newbie), have a look at the links below....

The hardware:
Make your own USB LCD controller! - bit-tech.net Forums

The software:
LCD Smartie - A free open-source LCD program!

I did this project in roughly 1 - 1 1/2 hours quite recently, on a breadboard.

You will need:
Hex file for the PIC (provided in the 1st link) + mchpcdc.inf file (also provided)
A way to program the above
4Mhz crystal & 2 x 22pF caps
100uF, 0.22uF & 0.1uF caps
10K & 4.7K resistors
5K pot
BC184L transistor (most small signal NPN will work - watch for pinout though)
A HD47780 compatible LCD
USB B socket & A to B lead
Breadboard & jumper leads
Some patience...
Please ignore the A-Team lash-up on the USB socket. :D


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