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laser diodes make electricity

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I have a very easy to prove system to make electricity with a laser diode but I lag a team and small areas

If someone puts a laser diode to a Electricity Usage Monitor it will read the amount of electricity that the light is

producing. really easy to test. And if you put a laser diode that has more strength you will be able to read more

electricity that the light from the laser diode is producing

The ultimate theory is the sun is a laser diode

Really easy to test. Any negative comments please do not include

If anyone tests this please put it on youtube

Thank you


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dr pepper

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Free energy ideas without reasonable evidence dont seem to do well on this forum.
However there maybe some truth in your idea, except for the sun being a laser.
If you put a 50 or 100w Led module in sunlight and connect it to a 5mm Led, the 5mm Led will light, it kinda acts as a inefficient solar cell, and it stands to reason you'd be able to do the same with a laser diode, the optical assy would need to be very accurate as if a concentrated beam of sunlight runs the risk of overheating things.
A solar cell pound for pound would probably give more energy.


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Any negative comments please do not include
If you post a thread for this type of endeavor, you must be willing to accept all comments, positive and negative. If they become abusive then feel free to report and the moderators will handle it accordingly. However, you cannot limit the answers to your thread to positive responses only, especially if some of the premise of your theory could be completely wrong.

That being said, yes, shining a bright light into a laser diode will work backwards and generate electricity. The same goes for LEDs. In both cases, the efficiency is much lower than that of common solar panels, and is not worth the time, effort, or money to purchase all of the components and set them up to produce electricity.

Beau Schwabe

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The ultimate theory is the sun is a laser diode
No... but it's the closest thing in nature to a laser perhaps ... <--- ONLY because light radiates from the sun in all directions ... we receive something like 1 / 1.8 billionth of that radiated light. (<--- I calculated it once, but could be way off... basically the ratio of the entire surface area of the sun to 1/2 the surface area of the Earth) ... anyway that small amount that actually comes our direction is relatively coherent light or very close to coherent light. Thus why a shadow from sunlight is somewhat well defined with a nice edge. ... but a laser diode the sun is not


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I'm under the strong impression that english may be an alternate language here which may be worth considering in replies.
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