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Laptop with External Monitor


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Hi, I have a Dell Laptop, and I also have a 25 inch monitor that I use with the laptop. I usually keep the laptop lid closed and the laptop is overhead because I do not have room on my desk. Anyways, every time I restart my laptop, I have to reset up the display which is a pain because the resolution is all messed up and it appears it is trying to use the laptop monitor display and not the external one. So I have to right click into graphic properties and go through this wizard thing. See image. So is there a way to set up my pc so it uses the setting for the large display, but at the same time defaults back to laptop if external is not selected?

display setup.JPG


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There is one possible way to solve this. It probably get you spend at least 3 hours of readings to figure out how to set up a working script. I'm talking about one of my favorite programs, Autohotkey.
This is just a typical task (a lot of click + wait for a specific window to apper until next click) that you can solve by making an ahk script.

Otherwise - I don't know the menus of that specific graphic card driver, but try to see if you can find any "profile" settings so you can save to.

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