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I want to Conect my Laptop to TV in order to get the Laptops display on TV.
My Laptop does not have an S video port, it just has VGA Port and My TV suppors only A/V cable(Cable with Red and White wires for Audio and one Yello wire for Video) and not the Video Component Cable(Cable with red, blue and green wires).

please let me know how can I connect the VGA port of my Laptop to A/V Port of TV.

Will i just need a Cable to convert this or some specific device too...


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You cannot get a cable that does this unfortunately. There are boxes that will convert from VGA to composite (the "yellow" plug) but I wouldn't recommend it. You're essentially converting downwards, and it often doesn't look very pretty.

For the price of a converter box (probably $30 to $50) you could pickup a better TV :)


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Well i have heard that we can do it with the help of VGA to Svideo/RCA Adapter Cable???
Is it possibe with this??


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Oh Okkk, That;s Bad :( I think i'll have to buy a New TV then.

Anyways Thank You So much Guys. You all really helped me otherwise i could have bought it and later regret it...

This Forum really ROCKS :)


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Hello Guys

So I've read that you say that the quality is rubbish, but still I would like to build myself a VGA - S-video converter. Does anyone know how the wiring works? I see that you can buy them but I wouold prefer to make it myself. Any help would be welcome.


Nigel Goodwin

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If you have access to a delay line and a chroma transformer, you could always use the (now obsolete) MC1377P
"chroma transformer"? - what are you on about?, do you mean a crystal?.

It's also completely wrong anyway, that's just a colour encoder IC - you haven't got either a 625 or 525 line source to encode.
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