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Labview Experience?


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Hi Guys:
Anyone has labview/windows experience with using PIC MCU's . They seem to have ARM. Does ARM exist in the same market as the 16F and 18F pics?
Hi, NI doesn't provide targeting of PIC MCU's although support for ARMs is provided(angry). A guy did put this up on NI forums about trying to program a PIC through LabVIEW but there are just too many hurdles(and very expensive to develop them).


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Hmm, i asked NI the question...then they said..."where r u so we may direct your question to the appropriate territory".
So I said...the company where I work owns the s'ware and I'd like to know which module would support PIC MCUs.

3 weeks now...deadly silence.
Hi, the same thing happened on NI forums...a guy posted a similar question about directly programming PIC MCUs with Labview and nobody from NI's engineers replied to that post. The only replies that came were from forum members. I guess NI doesn't see PIC users a big enough target group for developing dedicated software on the line of ARM's(hate smiley). But than again, they have the same thing going on with PIC and USB transfers, haven't had the opportunity to work on them otherwise would have gave my views there as well, but, all the NI guys can come up with is, "Contact the company who manufactures them for more help".

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