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L10, my way to make PCB


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I'm Jordi and my nick name is autocet, from Barcelona (Spain)

For years I make my personal way of PCB 100x40, based in a quarter of eurocard 100x160. Or half, or three quarters...

My idea is to continue developing as these PCBs
If someone likes the idea, I invite you to use this format to share designs, for free like open hardware and DIY.

These restrictions are:

for assembling with spacers used as power bus,

Or this other restrictions:

For batery assembling over cupper bars. (for instance)

I offer a lot of ideas:

from, a form associated instrumentation for desktop,

to, a crazy way to make a CubeSat,

Since I use this format I have not never thrown away any more pcb

It could be someone interested in going along?

thanks for your answers

Jordi (Autocet)


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It is not just a matter of being organized as who ordered room or kitchen utensils, there comes a point where you know things and the order becomes a matter to do without thinking.

But, the electronics does not forgive, not worth it to take any, as time goes on you realize that you often repeated the same power supply circuit, the amplifier than did a year ago than nothing is changed with the previous, you tried again but this time, passing tracks, do you remember how much it cost you and you ends up wasting time looking for that circuit to copy directly instead to forget the torture of router.

Now, with artwork for pcb and personal computers is easier to store information and do not need to start each time from scratch. We are talking about the cloud revolution and I think what I have done can serves to others, and if it is useful to others, they will not only will serve, they also create new ones and I go out benefited from the community.

And indeed, I have not invented anything, my format is a quarter of the Eurocard.

What do you think?, In which cloud could hang it?


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Hi Autocet,

This is a really neat idea, have you had any issues with the copper corroding and not getting a solid contact with the copper rails?


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Hi Autocet,

This is a really neat idea, have you had any issues with the copper corroding and not getting a solid contact with the copper rails?
It's a very good question:

I have never lost touch with screw. No problem if contact is copper with copper. That is, copper bar with laminate copper PCB.

It is preferable to leave the contact area without lacquer, i.e. naked. The oxidation with oxygen from the air forms a layer tending to black than is not aggressive.

The destructive oxidation is produced by the ionization that occurs between dissimilar metals in contact, or highly oxidizing chemical agents, such as salt.

The copper plate blackens but continues to work for it.

I am looking for people who might be interested in using this method, without commitment. I try to be in contact for years to commenting as well as have the experiences do, and also to improve it.

If you think that this proposal may be interesting, please contact by private message.


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At one point in time (DOS days), I used a program called Easytrax. You could print the PCB traces as outlines. They were slightly different for the solder and component sides.
It was a thru hole board, BUT I was able to print that combination on POLYESTER paper and glue it on the component side with a spray adhesive.

So, I ended up with a pseudo silk-screen.


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Yes, I understand you, let explain it better.

First of all I want to clarify that, if we do not make our own PCB we can not be considered an Electronic himself. Better or worse, that does not matter now. I know it may sound dramatic, but why is obvious, can you imagine a dressmaker who does not know sewing?

Only imagine, I think there are four categories of electronics:

Apprentices: What do the PCB with markers and by hand. The big question of the Apprentices is: How is possible so small things could make things so much great.

Cadets: use some method of transcription from drawings to mask before the chemical attack on copper. To do this you need tools to get the nearest tenth of millimetre. You can use transferable, digital printing, thermal transfer, photo lithographs, or many other methods. At the end, the board is made it themselves. The big question Cadet is: How could the hundredth of millimetre?

Seniors: Use services of some PCB manufacturer with short series, which is usually a minimum of 10 units. They usually use Eagle or KiCAD, because there learned, or may be learned own PCB manufacturer. The big question Senior is: Who are the other 9 plates sell?

Enterprise: Someone might be kind Hummer Simpson regarding knowledge of PCB manufacturing process, in fact have not care about the results of process. Usually part of a team of R&D and can not even get to solder components on the board. The big question Enterprise is: What will Chinese manoeuvres to remove them from market?

L10 dying in my hands. My method is beyond me.

When I have orders I expends my time to fulfil customers and I might not go out to sell. When I go to sell I need to be careful with commitments for accomplish them.

I need a team? I think this is my big question. But I do not consider myself a good boss.

Open Source Hardware may be an answer,
also because I can not find anyone to do something like my idea, or similar.


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