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Jump Strater for Motorcycle

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a circuit that will allow me to jump start a motorbike from the mains.

It will need to convert 240AC to 12V DC and supply a current of up to 90AMPs for up to 10 seconds at a time.

I've read that a strater motor actually requires 1000watts of power and so Voltage isn't necessarily a factor? (i.e 24V supply = 45AMPs, 48V supply = 25AMPS) :confused:

If someone could confirm if this is correct and whether a higher voltage/lower AMP circuit would be better.

I need this as my motorcycle runs 'total loss' (no alternator) - and starting the bike drains the small onboard battery which only runs the coils and fuel pump when I'm on the bike and so the bike either requires an off-line car battery or an engine driven flywheel to bump start the bike in gear.

A light, plug-in solution for the mains would be preferable. :)




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Who ever told you that need sto be slapped around a bit. A starter is voltage driven just like very other type of DC motor. Voltage gives it the RPM's amps give it the torque.

SO how can this bike have all of this electricaly driven stuff but no alternator?

Just go out and buy a battery charger with a 12 volt 150 amp boost mode. YOU will be money ahead and hours of time saved!


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I have an 8Ah 12v Battery which barely drops any volts for the 20mins or so I'm out on track - just fuel pump and coils to run.

Starting the engine does take its toll though at 80-90 Amps a time.

The bit about starter motors and the Volt/Amp requirement is at the top of this link

Making and Using a High Current Shunt
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