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JTAG flashing memory

2PAC Mafia


I read 2 memories firmware by JTAG using URJtag but when I used flashmem instruction and it finished writing on them, when I compared the binary files, original and written on them, they were different. Aparently the code is the same but every some hex lines I saw an extra byte which finally makes the file different, let´s say the code is moving on byte to the right every some lines due to that new byte. Any idea about this?


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Are you encrypting the code?


Gotta be sure programming voltages are correct. Had similar problems myself. wound up programming the flash directly.

2PAC Mafia

Thank you for your answer, further investigation send to me to a problem on URJTAG under Windows, it seems there was a bug, somebody created a patch for those instructions with problems but I couldn´t check it yet. Supposely in Linux that problem doesn´t exist.

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