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JK Flip Flop Synchronous Counter HELP PLEASE!

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Hey, im in a Digital Electronics course and am currently having trouble with my "present state/next state" portion of my lab. The problem is as follows... Design a synchronous counter using JK FLIP FLOPS that has the following sequence: 000,001,010,100, and repeat. The undesired states 011,101,110, and 111 must always go to 000 on the next clock pulse..... I under stand how to set up the present state, because that is obviously very basic. But I dont understand what order to put the sequence in.

000 ?
001 ?
010 ?
011 ?
100 ?
101 000
110 000
111 000

any help/suggestions/ or just plain old answers would be greatly appreciated



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My solution would not be what he is looking for. The undesired stated simply would not exist.

I would start with a two bit counter or a three bit shift register.
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