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its this IC ok?

Hello, I hope (GENIUS can help me as in other opportunities), I have an Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man this model:

I bought it defective knowing that it could or could not repair it, at first sight the pedal turns on, and it gives a bypass signal, when it is turned on it works but without delay, when I adjust the blend potentiometer when it is taken halfway, the bypass signal is no longer heard , I have noticed that use 4 Mitsubishi MN3005 chips, I also send you a link of the exact model: https://www.donberg.ie/descript/m/mn_3005.htm

when I take out the 4 chips I test them with the multimeter in diode mode, and I notice that 3 of the chips give me equal measure on all the legs, but one of them gives me the same measure on all the legs except one of them that give 0

here I attach the pinout the IC
https://www.google.com/search?clien..._l=img.3.0.35i39j0i19j0i7i30i19.225490.228267. .229767 ... 0.0.. ...... 0 .... 1..gws-wiz-img.vHVjjCft_zE # imgrc = t67YUXF5svStcM:

the leg that does not give any measure is the number 2 = CP2,

After all this to write my question is: is the IC damaged?
well, the big problem its this IC Mitsubishi MN3005 its really expensive, can i change for this one Xvive MN3005? and use 3 Mitsubishi and 1 Xvive without sound problem?

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