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its gotta go here

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well I'm trying to just setup a simple window comparator in multisim but oops... I discovered a second nature to the TL082.... its increased the voltage.... have I solved the planets power issues before even getting my solar panels up ??????


There's also the phase inversion problem, the output flips when the inputs are operated too close to the negative rail.

I wouldn't recommend the TL8x/7x for this, use a real comparator like the LM393.
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yea well just for getting the idea down on erm... screen I wanted the op amps as they can source as well sink making it easier on me fidling around, i think there is something wrong with the TL082 model
I'm not sure that's the case, your modle is probably working correctly. There are plenty of resources describing the phase inversion issue with the TL082.

TL082 phase inversion - Google Search

I'm sure you can get comparators that have a push-pull output so you don't need any pull-ups. There are also other op-amps you can use, i.e. LM358, LM1558 which don't suffer from phase inversion.

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