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IR2411 and / or IR2422

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Hey folks!
Does anyone know where I can find the pinouts for the IR2422 and / or IR2411.

These IC's are made by SHARP, 16 pins, they should be display drivers, (I think LED display drivers).

NTE lists a cross reference as NTE2074, but they don't provide a datasheet, argh!

I've searched Google.com, Mouser, Digikey, NTE, National Semiconductor, SHARP, Maxim, Web-Tronics and some chineese websites etc. I know these IC's are still being bought and sold, and someone must have a datasheet.

I have many of these old IC's laying around and I'd like to use them to make some displays.

Also, I'm not too familiar with 16 pin display drivers. Do they all have pretty much the same pinouts(Kind of like Op-Amps etc)?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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It's not a display driver. It's a darlington array. Which is oft
used for driving LED displays of course. They are old but still made.
IR is International Rectifier which by definition means it's old. :)

I'm doing this for karma. The specs I can locate:

IR2422 7 Channel Darlington Driver Array

Vbr 45V
Imax 400mA (per output)
hFE 1000 min
Po 650mW max

If you speak Putonghua or read Hanja this would be much easier.
It's not a popular IC in U.S. or Europe these days. But it's around,
many "obsolete or hard-to-find" IC shops have them.

Mouser carries the NTE2074 but email for datasheet. If NTE has one,
Mouser will have better luck getting it than we would. Email them?

mailto: tech AT mouser.com subj: RE: Mouser #526-NTE2074 datasheet

The good news is that every DIP16 7 ch darlington I've found (so far)
are all pinned the same:


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