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IR LED / Photo transistor Matching Pair - Recommendation

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Hi guy, i'm new to this forum. I'm making little project for myself.

I'm looking for 2 matching components, IR LED and Photo transistor. I searched Digikey and Newark, but options are so many, and i was wondering if someone has any recommendations before i spend hours reading data sheets. Or maybe just help me out narrow my search.

Here is some details on what i need it for, that will hopefully help me narrow the search.
-I'm making transceiver unit that will consist of IR LED and Phototransisor.
-3 of these units will be stationary in 3 top corners of the room.
-1 unit will be moved within the room
-Requirement is for these 3 stationary units to cover the whole room(line of sight or reflections) so i was thinking of getting as wide angle as possible for both emitter and receiver so it can cover the room easier.
-range has to be sufficient to cover whole room(i'll take care of this adjusting the current to IR LED)
-maybe higer sensitivity photo transistor for easier detection?

What are my options?

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