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Im attempting to receive a signal from a TV remote through a 3-pin IR receiver. Im using CCP1 to capture these pulses. As some of you may know the TV remote transmits around 14 bits with only the last 6 or so being useful because they are the bits that change between buttons.

Im trying to skip through the first 8 bits and measure the time period of the last 6 bits, is this possible?

and another thing,

Will this method of capturing pulses be too accurate in order for me to consistently capture the same value at the last 6 bits, Im trying to use certain buttons to control my servo driven robot.

any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You!

Nigel Goodwin

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Check my PIC tutorials for an example of doing IR remote control - you don't want to ignore the earlier bits, all of them are really required. Essentially they consist of device ID bits (TV, VCR, Audio etc.) and data bits (ON/OFF, Volume Uo, CH1 etc.)

My tutorial is for the Sony SIRC's system, which is nice and easy to do.

It depends a LOT on which type of remote you choose.


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You should look at Atoms post Nigel show how to catch it with the pickit2
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