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Interfacing IBM PS/2 Server95 Display Module

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I've got a couple of Display Modules for an IBM PS/2 Server95 computer, but as the computers themselves are long gone, I'd love to use the circuits, part of them, or build new circuits, to control the four (two on each) LED(?) modules...
The modules show four 7x5 dot matrix characters each, and each PCB have two modules.

First out, I'd love to get a hint or two as to how these circuits are wired.
As you can see from this picture, the entire PCB is connected through 34 + 6 pins. But this PCB also contains the computer's power switch, hard drive and power LED.

I've tried making a simple schematic out of the PCB, but figured it might be better to ask someone with greater understanding of logics how they would utilize the current ICs to produce ASCII-characters on the displays.

Most likely, the data to the display modules comes through the 6-pin connector, as it was connected directly to the CPU board, while the 34-pin connector went to the motherboard.

As my signature says, I am a complete amateur when it comes to electronics -- I've worked for a year assembling test-equipment for space electronics, but I have not much clue when it comes to more advanced theory and logics.

However, using the current circuit might be awkward, so if you've got a good idea of how I can produce ASCII-characters on these displays with data from either an RS232 or LPT port of a computer, please do tell!

All the pictures I've got on the subject are here.

Thanks in advance,
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