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Interface with EPSON Smart Chip

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In order to prevent people from refilling EPSON cartridges, they equipped them with a chip on a little circuit board. This chip counts the amount of pages printed and doesn't allow any printing after its maximum page count is reached.

I have a few of these chips with 7 pins laying around and I would like to use PIC or BASIC Stamp to read or reset them. Does anyone know any links to websites about interfacing these chips?

Thank you for any ideas!


A quick Google found this...

Eddie's Ink chip hack.

I also came across this:

No that's not how you reset the chip but this software will help you. Also the list of the supported printers. IT VERY EASY TO DOWNLOAD FROM GIGASIZE AND THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE HERE:

To unblock the printer you must do the following: - After installing the program select the printer as it comes out on the menu, and minimise to the taskbar. - Finally going to the icon of the program, press the button right mouse and in the menu deployed select the option PROTECTION COUNTER=RESET PROTECTION COUNTER, then you press ACCEPT and turn off the printer, then turn it on again and ready!! if any problems just contact me!!

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