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install speaker in the car

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hai all,

i'm new in here...

i would like to ask for a help from all of u in this forum, actually i have a altec lansing speaker model ATP3, n i rarely use it, so i tought that it will be so useful if i install the speaker into my car...

my quetion is, how to change the input power source from 3 pin 24V ac plug and use the power source from car battery that just only 12v. an if u guys have a schematic diagram it will be so helpful..:D:D:D:D



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We need alot more information to work with!

What are you powering it with?
What is the speakers wattage and ohms rating?
Any other info is also very helpfull too!


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According to the operating manual, the speakers require either 120VAC or 240AC depending upon the model you have (you said 24VAC so I assume you have the 240VAC unit). Thus you would need an inverter to generate that power from the 12V car battery. These can be readily purchased.
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