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Information in posts

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For several weeks now I have sat back and watched the various topic's being posted..........

In the majority of cases the post has been very vague to say the least....

I know it can be difficult for the new person venturing into electroncis for the first time and how daunting this can be.........

But please try and help your fellow members on here by posting as much about the topic concerned as you can.......This will certainly help get a better idea and understanding of what answer you are looking for....

I dont wish to appear rude or offensive but a lot of time is wasted when posts are lacking in information and there is a lot of too-ing and fro-ing of info when attempting to reach a resolution for a problem.......the more info posted in the inital post will result hopefully in an answer forthcoming...

Again apologies if this offends but none intended...... :wink:


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Thats a good point Chippie. I am making this post sticky so that everyone will read it before it disappears and goes to the next page.


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If the user could indulge me on one point......

please, please, please, fill in your location. Giving information on where to get parts, help, etc, tends to be geographically sensitive.


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Hi. I'm new here and enjoy snooping around. Let's see if my post bumps this thread so others take a hint.

I'm too much of a newbie here to be complaining already but, please, when you initiate a thread make sure the subject is relevant to your post. Things like "I need help", "Guess what?" and "Hi" don't say much for what's inside. Then, post some beef in your comments. If you're building a power supply, don't just say "need 5V" but tell us a bit about the source and amperage/load on the output. If you're shy about posting details because you don't have full domain of the English language, remember that it's better to kill a word here and there than not posting any details at all. I use Google to translate the many English words I still don't know. And if you're replying to a post, try to be gentle rather than snapping people's heads off just because they made a mistake or you disagree with what's being said.

It's kinda late for me and I'm hoping I won't be too embarrassed tomorrow when I regain my full consciousness and see what I've posted. Good night.

Not open for further replies.

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