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info for newbies

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Some of you could get a lot more replies to your question if only you took a little more time to write the subject line.

Consider this, it is the first thing everyone reads about your post.
It needs to be concise and descriptive to your question.

So, please, do NOT use the following words in the topic line:

question, dumb question
I need to know

etc. etc., you are really stating the obvious here. No need to put it in your subject line, wasting space and forcing readers to guess what you are on about. Many readers of this forum do not have the time to read every post, they pick the ones they read because they know something about that or it sounds interesting - from the subject line.

Pick a descriptive subject line and your post will get read by more people!

Write whatever pleas, expressions of gratitude, etc. you wish to make in the text of your messege, that is the right place for that.

Words like:
ASAP and other forms of urgency are really impolite, IMO. If you ask a question here, with every answer you are getting something for free . No need to put potential replies off with a poorly worded subject line. While you might want a speedy answer, it is really up to those replying to provide it - in their own good time.

English is my second language, I hope I have not upset anybody with the above.



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Klaus - I know the moderators have posted concerns such as yours but new folks aren't reading them, maybe because they don't see them. I wonder if there is a way to start a topic with a form or template that reminds a person of what should go in the subject line, etc. Some people just naturally provide enough information while others struggle. Those with questions that need more info might be directed to the form or template. I suppose every new topic might be "processed" via the form but that would impose on folks who are doing a pretty good job already.

I've found myself writing the same thing over and over to different posters. When I get some time I'll write some generic explanations and ask the moderators to file them so that I/we can direct others as needed. The index of information is good and we probably should add to it.
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