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inductor replacement for home cinema HT-AS1


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1st time poster, please don't hit me.
I am trying to fix my home cinema problem. the HT-AS1 made by Samsung. board number is AH41-01062A rev 00. it developed crackling sound coming from one of the channels. I initially thought it would be just a loose wire. no it wasn't. second guess was a capacitor somewhere on the board. no it wasn't (at least none that visibly leaked). next course of action was replacing optical-in port. managed no problems. and while de soldering the port I had to flip the board over to solder the joints. that's when I discovered the probable cause of the problem. one of the induction coils lost its shield. this board uses some sort of induction coil I am unable to find anywhere. there is some sort of part number on the outside of the shield 1310LP and if I flip it over, there is number 15 at the base. FXWP6687.JPG
I realize that to measure inductors, I would have to have oscilloscope. no chance of getting that. maybe someone out here would know where to get them or perhaps even have some of these on stock...
can someone please help me out? I am trying to fix everything that is broken in my household and for all my friends. and although I can afford to replace the sound system, it would be such a waste, as this one has great sound(when it works that is)…
thanks to all that will be able to help one or other way.


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Nigel Goodwin

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The amplifier will be class-D, the inductors are simply filtering on the outputs - so wouldn't cause crackling - it's almost certainly not the problem, and isn't something I would have even considered.

I would also suspect the inductor is simply a different type to the ones around it, which is why it looks different, and the 'tops' of the other ones aren't shields anyway. You might like to identify which channel that inductor is associated with, if it even is on one channel only, if it's not the crackling one then it's even more obviously not that.

Back when I was fixing such things most usual causes were dry joints, or intermittent relay contacts - for those systems that have speaker protection.


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thank you for speedy replies.
the inductor (is it correct term?) in question has got the sleeve. it simply fallen off. the top of the inductor looked charred.
Charred inductor was placed on the channel producing crackling. I managed to identify possible second inductor that its shield became detached from the rest. after DE soldering this second inductor, I found the top of it was not charred at all.IMG_9844.jpg
I don't know if what i am looking at is normal. these two might have detached due to vibrations (it is 100w sub in the end) or excessive heat, or over current. if I missed obvious, could you point me in the right direction please?

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