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Hi All,

I need some help with an inductance reading on my Multimeter as i have lost the the instruction manual for it--Duh!!.

I have a coil of wire & when tested on the 2mH setting it reads .289, could someone tell me what measurement this is. Eg is this .289 Henries or ?

Also i need to get this Inductance reading using a coil of 16mm^2 cable, is there a way i can calculate how long the 16mm^2 cable needs to be to get the required Inductance?



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I think that means it is .289 millihenrys or 289 uh.


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the setting on your meter is a maximum for that setting. when its switched to the 2mH setting, if you try to measure something like a 4mH coil, it will read "overload," "OL," or just a 1 on the left with the rest left blank. The "multiplier" is the "mH" meaning all readings for that setting are in mH. so a reading of .289 means 0.289 mH. if you switch to, say, the 2 H mode (i doubt there is one that high, but just for example...) in the 2H mode, if it read .289, THEN you would read it as 0.289 H (no milli).


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agree with the above

L = 2l[2.303 log(4l/d)- 1 + u/4 + (d/2l)]

In this equation, L is the inductance in nH (10-9 henry), l is the length and d is the diameter of the wire/rod (both in cm). µ is the permeability of the material (=1.0, except for iron and other ferromagnetic materials).

I guess you can take u = 1
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