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Importing design from Microstrip to Microwave studio (CST)

Discussion in 'Radio and Communications' started by nurul, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. nurul

    nurul New Member

    Sep 2, 2010
    Hello Sir,

    I imported a microstrip antenna designed in CST Microstrip into CST MWS.
    I followed the steps as in the tutorial single antenna (transient solver) to get the radiation pattern, except for the waveguide port step, which i followed the steps suggested in online help - to extend its size to 4 x the length and height...

    however, the transient solver was stopped, as error occured in the boundary condition section.

    1. since i'm interested to see the radiation on top of the metal plate (which is on the + z axis), the boundary for z axis should be left open add space correct? where as the rest should be left open, aren't they?

    thanks in advance for the reply.


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