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I'm looking for LCD display module 12864

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Hello to all,

I have this display that I need to replace for my music device Zoom G3


but I can not find a compatible LCD. Behind the display there is the the code SMMC12864 EA-00-SPC and looking this acronym online I found the datasheet of a LCD with 18 pins whereas mine has 28 pin


The display of Zoom G3 is this https://s3.postimg.org/jaiee2vlv/IMG_20160717_150835_1.jpg

I tried searching in online store Mouser, Aliexpress, eBay etc ... but I have not found the correct display, especially the dimensions are differents from what I need. Do where I could still try ?

The display is now in this state and I was thinking about a way to fit this into the display slots.

https://s17.postimg.org/qx56yuc6n/connect_LCD.jpg and alternatively, I've got a new flex

The problem occurred during a modding, moving a wire inside that has cut the flex cable.

I await anxiously your advices :)

Thanks you all
Not open for further replies.

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