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I2S Bus with both DAC and ADC as separate devices?


Good Day,

If an embedded system has one I2S bus with pins CLK, WS, SDO and SDI. Is it possible to connect two I2S IC devices? One being a DAC and one being an ADC? Where they share CLK, WS but the ADC will wired to SDI and DAC to SDO.

I have a device that uses a PCM5102 DAC and only the CLK,WS,SDO pins and I would now like to add a PCM1860 ADC using the CLK,WS and SDI pins.


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I would start by looking in the datasheet of the microcontroller if it can support I2S receive and transmit at the same time. I doubt it will, because one way the clock is an input and the other way it is an output.

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