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I noticed this mal functioning

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Hi every one
I have been building projects for quite some time, But not with micro controllers.
I noticed a problem with my circuits, when powering a circuit with a battery, it works perfectly well. my problem is when the battery is removed, and ac to dc converter (ac to dc power supply) with the same voltage is used, the behavior changes.

good examples are: clap switch, remote controlled switch, fm transmitters e.t.c

the clap switch worked when i used a 12v battery, it worked well from a long distance.
I later tried it with ac to dc power supply with same voltage, it stared switching in without receiving any sound in the room.

Another problem is that when there is a spark or partial contact, in any part of the house eg. fan regulator click sound, other elctronics plug poor plug contact etc. the circuit start turning on and off on its own

I used CD4013 as my D flip-flop (D-lash).
this complain goes for all other projects the above listed projects
pleas HELP


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post yr schematics...........


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Could be that the power supply does not have enough current to carry the load.


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Seems like electrical noise in the power is triggering your circuit.

For starters, try placing a 100uf and a 100nf capacitor across the power leads.
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