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I need help with this 4 digit counter PCB

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I'v tried everything to get this circuit's pcb 100%.
Im using livewire and pcb wizard. I need to get this school project ready for next week.
Here are the links of the livewire i did and the page where i got the schematique.

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Excuse me because it's all in spanish, but im from Dominican Republic.
I think you'll have no problem to understand.
Thanks to everyone
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We have no problem understanding because you haven't said what you're having a problem with yet. Not many people here use livewire so about 99% of us can't even open that file, you're dead in the water till you can provide useful information.


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if you dont use livewire ¿which program do you use?

The problem is that the circuit is to big and when i try to convert it to pcb there are a lot of tracks missing to route.

and please tell me wich program you use that way i can try with it.
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