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I Need Help Putting a Project on a Board

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I have an unprinted circuit board from Radioshack, and I want to take one of my projects from a wiring type of circuit, to a circuit in this board.

I plan on adding a resistor, but if someone could help me with how to place these items on the board, I would be greatly appreciative.

You need to draw the circuit onto the board with a special pen and then have it etched in a PCB etching tank (you can get cheap kits that don't use machinery, but the results won't be as good). If you want a professional printed circuit, then you'd need further equipment.

Why don't you use stripboard? That's the easiest (and cheapest) option.


I wouldn't bother with a PCB for such a simple project. I'd solder the switch and resistor in series with the LED using hook-up wire and cover all exposed terminations with heatshrink.
Agreed. Your circuit is, in effect, a torch (flashlight if you're American). Take a look at one of them - you usually won't find a PCB but a strip of metal inside, or even the case being used as a conductor.


Radio shack sells perf board with simple copper solder points that I use to point to point solder small things like that.
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