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I have to design an electronic device.

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I don't have any idea what could it be. It is for my school. The device must be difficult to design, and will be great if it is somehow connected with microcontrolers.


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Alarm project would benefit school, and pay for it's self within the first year of operation (based on what I hear from the large school near me).
Keys, codes and swipe cards etc are all subject to being lost/misplaced or given to accomplices. Perhaps you should look into the fascinating area of Biometrics the measurement of biological characteristics unique to each person. Fingerprint scanners are becoming more commom, though a japanese engineer has been pointing out just how easy it is to fool such devices, facial features have been the subject of much study over the years as has the Iris. Though for simplicity it might be best to concentrate upon hand geometry as this is simplest from a technical point of view.

For a bit of fun how many biometric features can you list, I'll list the easy ones to get you started......................
Facial features, Retinal features, the Iris, Hand geometry, Fingerprints
There are another four, bet you can't name them.

PIN numbers are an illusion of security, over the years I have installed many alarms both commercial and domestic and sadly the PIN requested by the customer at setup is often one easy to remember , such as the last four digits of the buildings telephone number. More disturbing is the fact that amongst the vast number of firms who install alarms it is company policy to use a similar process to choose the engineers overide code...... :twisted:

As one old lag told me some years ago,
"Seldom did I av to drill a safe, first I would look through the telephone card index in the office under "S" for the combination " :lol:
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