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I could not resist this..

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I have a similar thing going on in my life regarding stupid people.

A few weeks ago I went to visit a buddy of mine where he worked and he told me a bout a toy drone that crashed in their parking lot a few days earlier.

Sure enough it was still there so rather than leaving until they threw it in the trash I claimed it.

Turns out it was some meth head electrical contractors toy. Dumbass unknowingly recorded himself meth pipe in hand, Gopro Hero camera recording himself in 720p resolution at arms length no less, then took it out in the backyard of the business and flew the thing up as high as it would go giving a perfect and detailed recording of exactly where it came from. :facepalm:

It then hovered there for nearly 30 minutes until it battery ran down and it crashed about 5 blocks from where it took off from. Guessing he fried himself just before flying it and forgot what he was doing shortly after sending it up. :rolleyes:

Since then I have contacted the local law enforcement and I have copy of the video that will be going to them with a new laptop I set up for my buddy that I will be mailing to him this week.


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Digging back time, late 90's if recall correctly (96 actually)
an individual was being quite inventive by blowing up mail boxes in the neighborhood with M80's, until one evening said person must have gotten confused and lit the fuse of one whilst the remaining lot and the now lit were still in pocket:woot:
This town is rather bad at caring of noises outside and yet leave all the porch lights on... Any one outside could see without a care. Yet this person is still to this day unknown except the burnt and charred white washed Blue Jeans left behind in a ditch, werent so white after that. Long gone Id think.

This type of commenting of ideology of thieves crashing themselves never really gets tiring unless a person were to live in a town that has an acts of terrorism list longer than its own history :banghead:

:Edited: All be it not proper, that terror list remark (as seeing what is on it)can be applied as funny, cause it kinda is to me... oddly.
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