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HV Piezo driver w/ DC

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I'm having an issue on how to think about designing a high voltage Piezo driver. My specs are as follows:

- Bandwidth of DC-10kHz
- Output voltage swing of +-250V

Now, I have the necessary DC rails with adequate current output capability. I also have some HV BJTs (NPNs and PNPs) with V_CE ratings of atleast +-500V.

The problem I have is that I want be able just apply a DC offset to the sinusoid if desired (through a pot, let's say). I've been looking at doing some simple common-emitter amp configurations with a push pull follower and an op-amp to minimize cross-over distortion and keep things clean.

My plan is to input the signal into the op-amp and ideally have the DC offset come in through this path as well. However, I'm finding it very difficult to maintain the DC offset (which is amplified) from a CE amp configuration.

Does any body have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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