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Http/Ftp Server

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I want to design a device with using RTL8019, microchip/8051 microcontroller , USB device PDIUSBD12 .

USB interface will connect to usb disk(or it can be replaced by a IDE HardDisk) which act as the storage.

Is it possible and efficient to develop and ,may be in short , worth to do that?
Or any other suggesttion/reference on this?



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There are a number of development kits that are designed to be embedded web servers. Zilog has one using their new Z80 chip. Silicon Labs (previously Cygnal) has a plug together development kit to add ethernet to their 8051 Processors. They are all very affordable. If you want to build one yourself you should be able to find plans on the internet fairly easily.

On the IDE vs USB question - IDE is probably the easiest to implement. If my understanding is correct the IDE interface is a fairly strait forward parrallel interface. USB has a lot or software overhead that can be a pain to implement.

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