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How to set batt spec on Tina ?

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Hi guys,

I want to set the Max Amphere for Batt (Accu). is that possible ? So far as i know Tina only allow us to set the voltage. And one more thing, is that possible to simulate the actual condition ? i mean like how long the accu will last until it need to recharge if my system run, If i made my own charging circuit how long the time to charge the accu (if i'm able to set the accu max amphere), etc. Is that kind of simulation is possible with TINA Pro Electronic Circuit Design software ? My version is industrial version. If it can't be done with Tina, is there any other simulation software that possible to do such thing ? Thanks a lot for your help and reply, that's mean a lot to me.


I'm sure if you knew the software well enough you could create a battery model. I know you can do this with LTSpice, the Yahoo user groups has a NiMH battery model that can be rewritten to simulate any battery charge/discharge characteristic you want and has nodes for state of charge and discharge rate, but LTspice isn't particularly easy to use for a begginer. One nice thing about LTspice however, is that it's free software.
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I like TINA over LTspice

but havn't used LT much.
In the paremeters you might try changing the battery paremeters to show a discharge??
will have to experment


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yes go to paremeter steping

mode-paremeter steping-set paremeters then control object
this might get you the result your after??
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