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How To: Reporting a Bad Post

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Hello Everyone,

Because this forum gets 100's of new members a day, as well as 1000's of new posts it can be hard to monitor every single one, so to keep this forum as clean as possible we ask that you report bad posts.

Which Posts Should I Report?

You should report any post or member when they break the rules (see rules here). A few common reasons are, spamming or advertising, bad language and member insults, thread hijacking, etc.

Okay, How Do I Report A Post

To report a post (remember, any post on the forum can be reported) you need to find the Report Post icon, it is located on at the bottom of the user information (on the left) for each post. The icon looks like a stop sign, click it to report the post.


Is it Anonymous?

Yes, well it is to other members. Only the moderators will know who submitted the report. We will keep your report secret.

What Happens When I Report A Post?

When you report a post a moderator gets notified and then they will review the post. If action needs to be take the moderator will do so.

Should I Reply To The Post Myself?

We think the best way to handle a bad post is to report it and then simply ignore it. Dont reply or respond directly to the poster or post as it will more than likely be deleted by the moderator - reply only creates more work for us.

Thank you for helping the community stay clean!

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