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how to make sound

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I would like to learn how to make sound. :eek:

What else is involved aside from a small speaker, 9v battery, and wires.
Maybe a cap to change the sound somehow?


Connect the 9V battery to a buzzer.


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I would like to learn how to make sound. :eek:
I learned that if you take a couple of pans, and bang them together, it makes a heck of a sound.

That being said, to do it electronically, you need to build an oscillator circuit, there are plenty of those on the net.


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You can make sound in many different ways, e.g. making a dog sound like a cat you first deep freeze it and then cut with a rotary saw. :)

There are also electronic means making sound. :)


Holding one's ears tightly using some kind of tools(plier!) makes different types of sounds :D

ps: Do not connect 9v batt directly to the speaker, will blow up!
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