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How to connect a MAX6952 IC to a PIC

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can you send me shematic for MAX6952 IC to a PIC connection
and mikroC samples for this shematic


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"The MAX6952 communicates through an SPI-compatible
4-wire serial interface. The interface has three
inputs, clock (CLK), chip select (CS), and data in (DIN),
and one output, data out (DOUT). CS must be low to
clock data into or out of the device, and DIN must be
stable when sampled on the rising edge of CLK. DOUT
is stable on the rising edge of CLK. Note that while the
SPI protocol expects DOUT to be high impedance
when the MAX6952 is not being accessed, DOUT on
the MAX6952 is never high impedance."

that's from the datasheet - so, you'll want to dig around some to find examples of SPI on the PIC ... some pics have a hardware module for handling synchronous serial communications (MSSP), this will make your life easier for talking to the SPI bus, but the timings can also be approximated using pure software as well.

after you get SPI going, the rest is just figuring out what commands to send and when to send them.


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MAX6952 not support scroling pixel by pixel. or i dont know.
üzgünüm dostum sanırım istdiğini bunla yapamazsin..


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I'm using 3 max6952 to display plain text messages. I have them daisy-chained as per the data sheet. If I only want to update digit0 plane0 on one chip, how do I do this? I know the data sheet says to send a "NoOp to the other devices". My question is how do I do this? Just sending out 00000000b 00000000b to the max chip does nothing. I have all other functionallity on the max6952 working.

Any help would be much appreciated
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