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How much time do you invest in studying?

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I'm working for a stretched company and there is always the next mission that waits for you to start working on it once you finished your current assignment.

I was taugh to always think about the next job, so i've been thinking for example about the things i'd say in a job interview describing my current job,
and I realized that I dont really understand everything I do, mostly theoretically wised.

So after you gave me some great advices how to learn, i wanted to know how much time you tend to invest in studying deeply into the material you deal with? (Or you take things for granted?)


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I probably spend around an hour a day studying my current topic of choice, and another 1-2 hours a day reading general electronics. Mostly forums. :p

But I have time at work to study, so it's easy.


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Being that I have my own business I have to spend a fair amount of time researching many different topics in order to keep bringing in work of some type. For me a typical day holds about 1 - 3 hours of research and reading of some type. My actual study is by far hands on. ;)

The reading and building up reference sources is good but if you can not translate that information into actual physical designs then its all for nothing. :(

Someone on this site has signature that states, "Theory says theory and reality are the same. Reality says different."
That is 100% true! Much of the topics I read and study are fair for basic reference but are often written by a theorist and are often referred to as impractical or even impossible because the writer went by theoretical design and could not mathematically account for every possible variable. And therefore concluded that something was not practical or even impossible to do.
And other times they take too many variables into account and the proposed concepts do not actually work or are in need of a good deal of rework in order to actually apply them.
Hands on will beat theory and speculation every single time! :p
I have many devices I use every day that are considered impossible or at least very impractical by the so called experts.
They say I cant be doing what I do just because they don't understand it! If they studied the same stuff I do and did a little actual hands on testing they would have found out that what I do is in fact very easy and practical too!

If the experts say it cant be done and you know otherwise, its an incredible feeling to be able to walk into the so called impossible situation and make it appear like it was nothing to you! :):D

Never toss hands on research and study out! Thats what will make or break you in the end!
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