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How is it possible...

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I saw that for the first time today and wondered the same thing. The whole thread is less than a page long!

I guess its all in the title, name something 'walkie talkie' or 'stun gun' and the hits keep on commin'


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It also has a time factor too. its been here sinse october 2, 2002.

What do you think the hydrogen gas, grid tie inverter, chuck norris jokes, Stun gun or any of the other big interest thread numbers are going to be in a 7 years run time?

When I jumped in on the grid tieinverter thread it was well under a 1000 now its getting close to 6000. and thats only been a few weeks.


When I visit the forum (2-3 times per day) the first thing I do is click on the "New Posts" button. Then looking at the title to see if it will catch my attention, then how many people replied to it, and then how many people actually had a look at it.

When a post has one or less replies, but it's been viewed more than (say 100) times, I know that the post was for some stupid/silly/ridicules request or something in those lines.

Result, the post is ignored and I move on to the next.


I just read them all, there's some good banter that goes on in the trash threads =)
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