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How easy to read/write data to this vintage HDD?


I was given this vintage 14 inch hard drive from the early 1980s a couple of years ago.

I always wanted to make it into a static display, so got a case made for it.

Now after mounting it in the case, the curiosity got the better of me, and thought it would be pretty cool to add a motor to it and see it spin up. I also got the heads to move by applying 12V to the voice coil.

It then had me wondering how easy it would be simply as an experiment for curiosity sake to make some sort of controller with an arduino or something that could read and write to the disk.

I believe it is 40MB capacity, but have no idea what RPM it was, or how many cylinders, sectors etc it has, nor the encoding method.

It's a tecstor model 83"xxx" with the rest of the text missing on the damaged label

Don't know what voltage the heads need to write to the disk surface either.

None of this may even matter if something can be coded to read or write from scratch.

There are 6 heads and it has no heads on the 2 outside disk surfaces.

It's missing the original belt driven motor and whatever logic board it had.

It came out of its own unit the size of a washing machine and used to be in a hotels computer and removed from service a good 30 or more years ago.

The disks cover had been opened some years ago but always has been kept on, so is largely clean.

If its a waste of time, let me know, or else I will just try and find a way to put random pulses on the voice coil to show how it would have operated when going as a display.


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