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How does Flash Error Correcting Code (ECC) work in Infineon TC29x Microcontroller ?

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We are using TC29x Microcontroller. The flash size is 6Mbytes. There are Three banks, 2Mbyte each.

Program Flash 0 (PF0) is bank 1. Program Flash 1 (PF1) is bank 2. Program Flash 2 (PF2) is bank 3.

PF0 address range is: 0x8000 0000 - 0x801F FFFF
PF1 address range is: 0x8020 0000 - 0x803F FFFF
PF2 address range is: 0x8040 0000 - 0x805F FFFF

Where is Program Flash ECC stored. Is it within 6Mbyte ? Or is there additional storage space for ECC that we don't have access to ?

How does Flash ECC work ? For how many bytes of data, how many bytes of ECC are there ? Whenever we write to flash, ECC updates? When we erase flash ECC updates?

How is it possible to create Flash ECC Error ? Because everytime you write or erase flash, ECC will update?
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