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how do i test the ultrasonic transducer

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hi everyone,
i am a beginner doing a project on ultrasonic obstacle detection. so i built a circuit but it didnt work so i decided to troubleshoot the circuit. the problem is i dont know if the ultrasonic transmitter is transmitting the ultrasonic wave or if ultrasonic receiver is receiving the ultrasonic wave.

how do i find this out? do i use the oscilloscope. i will be very grateful if someone can help me.

forgive me if the answers to my questions are too obvious.


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First, get a data sheet from the company that makes the transmitter. Look up the voltages/amplitudes/signals it requires for the transmitter to operate. Use an oscilloscope to see if all of the required signals are correct.

Do the same for the receiver.


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Can you post the schematic? If it's just some random thing you found on the 'net, there's a chance that it is just a poor design and won't work no matter what you test. If that's the case it might just be a quick fix, though.

Without knowing either a) the schematic or b) as Mike noted, the specs of the transducers, it's really hard for anyone to help debug it.


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