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Hot Air Soldering Tool

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You can get the 986 from SRA for cheaper than you can get the 906 from SparkFun. SRA is on E-Bay, so you can usually get it even cheaper there from the same source.


I have it and it's an acceptable hot air rework station. I don't have any complaints. I have never used anything expensive, though, so I don't have much to compare it to. Order some extra soldering iron tips, like a chisel tip, if you get it.


I have AOYUE 2702+ that I purchased from SRA over Amazon for $250. I thought the hot air attachment had failed so we shipped it back for repair. It was NDF and they shipped it back. Then it "failed" again a couple of weeks later. I powered it down for half an hour and turned it back on to find that it was working again.

The "failure" I experienced was that the hot air attachement wouldn't warm up (or if it was warm it would cool off). After letting the unit sit for a while powered down it would start working again. It may be a thermal problem inside or it may be a bug in their firmware.

(I should probably update the thread I made after buying it...)
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