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Honey amp - diy guitar amp kit


I'm finally branching out and using SSGuitar's branding on a new kit I've designed. It is an LM386 based guitar practice amp. The big difference between this and all the other kits I've seen is that this one has a dedicated preamp before the LM386. This allows for more drive, but more importantly, it allows you to turn down the volume but still get all the gain and saturation you want/need.

The PCB is ripe for modification, with the capability of changing the gain stage to a direct buffer for use as a bass amp or keyboard amp. It has on-board 1/8" stereo aux input and 1/8" stereo headphone output. It can run from 6-18v DC and sounds great!

I've already had a few boards printed and everything is 100% verified and ready to go. I'm just looking for some economies of scale here, and have started a Kickstarter to help get there.

Here is the Kickstarter if you are interested: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thatraymond/honey-battery-operated-guitar-amp-kit


We are fully funded, currently at 117% now! Thanks to all who have contributed! Please be on the lookout for new progress!

In the works:

- SSGuitar.com stickers (as an individual donation reward by themselves, but also will be shipped with every reward)
- Carving out a section of the SSGuitar.com forum just for these kits
- Some other third thing? Who knows!

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