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hiii .... my name is lakshya... and i'm from jaipur India. i wanted to make a project using hm2007. as the unassembled circuit costs around $95.95 ... I wanted to know if i buy one what are the reasons of its failiure or the circuit being destroyed (like over voltage supplied or due to shortin of nay thing of that sort ) so that i do not have to buy the hm2007 again????? also could u tell me where couild i get it from in jaipur or anywhere in India???


It would depend entirely on the kit you purchase lakshya, we can't give you specs for a module you haven't even named yet. The electrical specs for the HM2007 are in the PDF I found on Google, it's up to you to determine what protection circuitry you want to add, and what the kit includes.


Don't be lazy Google for it yourself!

If you append filetype:pdf to the text in the search box, Google will only show PDF files.
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