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Hi-Resolution Wireless Video Transmission

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Hi everyone,

I need to build a circuitry to transmit hi-res video wireless. My initial approach is to use a Lantronix Wiport for wireless transmission.
WiPort - 802.11b Wireless - 802.11g Wireless - Lantronix
However, I cannot find the appropriate camera module to connect to WiPort. WiPort has 10/100 Ethernet for input connection. Once, you connect a device to the ethernet input, it simply transmits the data wireless. I think WiPort should be able to transmit hi-res video, as it seems from its spec (802.11 b/g standart). I also think to add a microcontroller between WiPort and the camera module in order to add more functionality in future. So, would you please recommend:
1) A Hi-Res camera module, say 3 megapixel with high bandwidth (capable of producing 25 frames/sec).
2) A microcontroller, having ethernet interface and compatible to transmit the video from the camera module.
I hope I am not asking too much for the specs:)
Thanks in advance!!!


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Texas Intruments provide and evaluation kit for one of the their Davinci micro's(355) and I beleive they have and example application that takes a composite video source (720??) encode it (MPEG2) and then streams it over ethernet using RTP.

As it takes a composite video signal it gives you a lot of flexibillity when it comes to choosing your camera.


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