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hi avr+servo motor help

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hi all,
actually what i need is that i want to control 2 servo motor(dc motor) using avr.
but the problem fro me is that i want to control the speed of these motors.i want to know how do i accomplish that.
pls help me...


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servo is working if any signal :
1ms on - 19ms off --> on position 0 degree
1,5ms on - 18,5ms off --> on position 90 degree
2ms on - 18ms off --> on position 180 degree

servo has 3 pin, it's vcc, ground, and sig...
vcc connected to 6volt (read the datasheet)
ground connected to gnd
sig is connected pin atmega32 (or other)

you can use timer to build that signal^^

sorry if my english is too bad :eek:

Russ Hensel

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The motor normally moves as fast as it can to the setting specified by the input signal. If you want to control the speed you need to move it to intermediate points, changing these points over time so the motor follows. You can get any speed from near 0 up to the max. of the motor. Your program will be more complicated.
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