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help with DVD Recorder

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My DVD Recorder keeps on ejecting every disk I put in.
Does anybody know why. I have cleaned the lens. It just ejects the disk. Please can anybody help offer some useful advice on what to do (esp if you have encountered this kind of problem).

Nigel Goodwin

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Technically speaking it's probably knackered!.

Assuming it's not something stupid like a loading belt slipping, then it's the laser assembly, which isn't worth replacing.


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yeah.... just yesterday Wal Mart had a large shipment of Maggotvox DVD players for $24.95. I was thinking of buying one and re-do the PSU to run off of 12Vdc for use in my RV trailer.


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Look at the box carefully. Does it say "RTV"? that stands for Return to Vendor. It would be the one I took back in last week. It had the same problem.


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that fault is a stock fault which affects many different models-the switch that detects wether the tray is open or closed is defective and needs to be replaced....a simple repair
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