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Help with College Homework

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Hello, I'm new, and I just need a little homework help.

Our teacher has this transmitter thing that can put out variable frequencies of about 10-900mHz, and our homework is every student has to take a chunk and build i receiver for it, and of course, i get 830-900mHz, I have no clue how to do this. Man i can't believe I got the highest one, what's even at 900mHz?


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What is the type of modulation? AM or FM or any other?


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My guess would be FM. I also think that alot of the mid 90's, and late 90's cordless phones were in or at the 900MHz range


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900MHz is 900 million cycles per second

what you need to do is to is to build a simple oscillator circuit where you can alter the base on the oscillator. if you can find an old tv diagram you can find the oscillator circuit intergraterd into it, if you follow the wiring from the antenna throught to the tube and you will find it.
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